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Moovee's aim is simple - allow movie-goers to create a list of everything they want to see, and check it off as they go. It allows film buffs keep track of what to watch and share their feelings with fellow cinema lovers, whilst the powerful AI behind the scenes can recommend titles based on their previous activity.

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Inspired by the movie theaters; Moovee has a deliberately dark atmosphere - perfect for updating your 'to watch' list whilst the latest trailers are playing.

Once you find something you love, the artwork influences the UI and makes every screen feel bespoke.

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Moovee will recommend new films to watch based on what the user adds to their list, watches and reviews. They can also search manually to find that film everyone is talking about.

They can then read more about the film, see related titles or read reviews from Rotten Tomatos and other Moovee users.

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