Case Study


Macro aims to connect trainers with their ever growing client base. Easing the burden of tracking clients progress through multiple communication channels. We designed an app that gave Trainers a simple yet powerful way to track all their clients progress and quickly identify those that were going off target or missing a check-in.

The Macro Logo

Each screen within the app is designed with the main interactions towards the lower half of the screen, this allows for more comfortable use and reinforces Macro's goal of being quick and easy to track client progress on the go.

Trainers told us the more information they have on their clients, the more accurately they can assist them with their goals. To do this we needed users to fill out forms, and no one likes doing that! we obscured this behind fun iteractive widgets so that people would enjoy the onboarding process:

Macro metrics screen
Macro login screen
A second Macro metrics screen


Macro clients screen
Macro graph screen

For trainers using Macro we wanted to make sure that they could see what needed their attention at a glance, but scrutinise the data further with just a couple of taps.

Trainers are scored on their success and awarded for their accomplishments within the app which are prominently displayed on their profiles, this allows them to attract new clients through their social media channels.

Macro plan screen
Macro profile screen